Welcome to The Juice Connection

The Juice Connection is your new favorite online vape shop. We scour the Internet to find the best e-liquids available. With a collection that’s constantly growing, you’ll want to check our website as often as you can to see our latest juices!

Why Buy E-Liquid From The Juice Connection?

  • The best prices. We negotiate great wholesale rates from our suppliers and pass the savings on to you. All 60 ml bottles are under $25, and all 100 and 120 ml bottles are under $50.
  • The best shipping speed. Most orders ship in 24 hours or less. Did we mention that shipping is free?
  • The best juice. We have tested every e-liquid that we sell. We only sell juice that we would vape ourselves.

How The Juice Connection Defines Premium E-Liquid

At The Juice Connection, we believe “premium e-liquid” is a term that people throw around a little too easily. Are you tired of buying e-liquids from companies that claim to sell “premium juice” simply because they use more VG, add large amounts of sweetener or just charge more than everyone else? So are we! This is what premium e-liquid means to us:

  • Creative flavors. The days of squirting a single flavor into a bottle and getting rich are long gone. We look for e-liquid companies that go the extra mile in creating unique flavor blends to please discerning palates.
  • Great quality control. We expect our e-liquid suppliers to use the best ingredients, package their juice in child-safe bottles and deliver a consistent product to us every time. No exceptions.
  • A flawless reputation. We welcome new entrants into the e-cigarette industry, but that doesn’t mean every new product deserves a place on our shelves. We look for established e-liquid suppliers that have earned the respect of the vaping community.

Which E-Liquid Should I Try First?

Are you having trouble choosing the best e-liquid for your taste? Drop us a line. Tell us about some of the juices you enjoy, and we’ll do our best to come up with a few suggestions you’ll love.

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