30/60 vs. 100/120 ML E-Liquid Bottles

30-60 vs 100-120 ml e-liquid bottles

E-liquid comes in all different sizes and price points — and if you’re a picky e-juice buyer, you may actually prefer a specific bottle size. Does your preference affect your buying decisions? For many people, flavor and price are the primary factors that influence which e-liquids they buy. As it turns out, though, e-liquid bottle size can actually influence your experience in more ways than you might think. Here’s how.

Bottle Size Affects the Price per ML

Do you want to get more for your money when you buy e-liquid online? Buy bigger bottles. The price per ml is almost always lower when you buy e-liquid in 100 ml bottles or larger.

Do you think that a smaller bottle size and higher price per ml are signs of a “better” e-liquid? Think again. Taste is subjective, and you should never let the price of an e-liquid dictate your buying decisions. It is a common technique for sellers in any industry to charge higher prices to increase the perceived value of their products. There is only one best e-liquid for you, and it’s the one that you like best.

Smaller E-Liquid Bottles Are Great for Experimentation

Are you new to vaping? Have you just discovered a new e-liquid maker whose flavors sound tasty? Before you commit to a one flavor by buying a large bottle, buy smaller bottles of many different flavors. Although the cost per ml is lower when you buy larger bottles, you’ll pay less up front when you buy smaller bottles. E-liquid is a consumable product, and people invariably have different tastes. For those reasons, the majority of e-liquid sellers do not accept returns. Buy your e-liquid in small bottles until you’re sure you’ve found a flavor that you love.

larger vs smaller e-liquid bottles


Larger E-Liquid Bottles Are Usually Plastic

Do you have an opinion about plastic vs. glass e-liquid bottles? If you do, you might prefer a particular e-liquid bottle size because bottles 100 ml and larger are usually plastic. You can find plastic e-liquid bottles in any size, but the most glass e-liquid bottles are 15, 30 or 60 ml. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however.

Larger E-Liquid Bottles Require Periodic Cleaning

A plastic e-liquid bottle usually consists of two parts. The bottom part is a large reservoir that’s easy to fill with a machine, and the top part is the nozzle. The two snap together. In fact, it’s often possible to separate an e-liquid bottle if you squeeze hard enough.

The two-part design of plastic e-liquid bottles isn’t a problem if you buy 30 or 60 ml bottles. If you buy 100 or 120 ml bottles, though, your bottles may occasionally leak e-liquid through the seams because plastic is porous. Over time, e-liquid seeps through the seam. If you want to avoid a mess, you’ll need to wipe your bottles down with paper towels periodically. Is that a problem? Only you can decide!

What’s Better: 30/60 or 100/120 ML E-Liquid Bottles?

In this article, we’ve described some of the factors that differentiate smaller e-liquid bottles from larger ones. What do you think? Apart from the price difference between smaller and larger bottles, does the bottle size ever affect your e-liquid purchasing decisions? Leave your comment below!

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