About us

Welcome from The Juice Connection – All Your Favorite E-Juice Flavors For Less

We at The Juice Connection know that vapers are tired of paying premium prices for mediocre e-liquid. So we created this site to offer vapers premium e-liquid at a discounted price.

The Juice Connection started back in 2013 as a retail shop in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. From our humble roots and emphasis on customer service, we have flurished into a multi-state chain of retail stores.

Throughout the years we have made some great friends who have moved out of our areas, but have continuly asked to ship them products to continue supporting us. We have decided that with the ever changing market, now is a great time to provide the next step in our business and begin offering direct to home sales as well as Wholesale sales to our friends with shops.

All E-Liquid lines are sampled in house and to our customers. We feel that we’ve become very good at spotting the trends in the ever changing E-Liquid industry. The Juice Connection’s goal is to bring the best of the best to Vapers and Vape Shops throughout the country.

If we love it, we know you will love it too.